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Solid Unfinished Domestic: Red Oak


Red oak is one of the famous flooring options for most building owners today. If you prefer red oak flooring to other flooring options, you need to consult the best red oak dealer. At Nature Wood Floors, we offer the best selection of premium red oaks. These red oaks are perfect for both commercial and residential buildings.


Why Consider Red Oak Flooring?

Ever wondered why you should invest in red oak floors? Here are six reasons to examine: 

  1. Impressive Color- Red oak comes in many natural colors. With its light color, red oak brightens the color of a room. Hence, rooms with darker colors can blend perfectly with red oak.
  2. Density- Red oak has an impressive Janka rating of 1,290. Thus, it makes it a dense hardwood, making it more resistant to denting and scratching.
  3. Grain- The grain appearance of red oak is very impressive and unique. The rays present in red oak are identical to that of dark pencil lines.
  4. Stability- Red oak is still the most stable wood flooring option available. It doesn’t shrink or expand like hickory or maple wood.
  5. Maintenance- Engineered oak flooring has the required strength to withstand exposures to moisture more than other types of flooring options.
  6. Cost- The law of demand and supply influences the price of red oak. At any rate, red oak is cheaper than white oak.


Why Buy From Us?

  • Experience- As a family-owned business, we’ve been in the hardwood industry for years. Thus, we have amassed an in-depth level of expertise and experience in the industry. When you reach out to us, be assured of the best experience.
  • Variety Of Products- We offer varying red oak products at wholesale costs. Options available to you include engineered, solid, and more. Our wood options come in varying sizes and specifications. Desiring custom-made sizes? We’ll work it out for you. Therefore, if your search for “red oak flooring near me” brought you here, you’ll undoubtedly get the option that fits your project.
  • Shipping Services- Location isn’t a barrier to getting your desired red oak. Our company offers shipping services all over the country. So, you do not have to worry about transporting your wood to your property. We have covered that for you! 
  • Cost- Irrespective of your budget, you will always get quality red oaks that match your budget!   


Our Installation Services

Our services aren’t limited to selling premium red oaks. We also offer installation services. However, our installation services are for customers within our range. If you reside in Sarasota, Orlando, Tampa, or other locations in the state, speak with us for further details and request a free property measurement. After that, we will send a formal estimate to reveal a complete breakdown of the labor costs and materials.


Contact Us

Are you considering red oak flooring? Then, Nature Wood Floors is here for you! We offer the best selections of red oak. Also, we offer speedy, friendly, and inexpensive installation services. Contact us today to schedule a free measurement.