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Many homeowners turn to hardwood flooring for their living spaces because it is easy to clean, it is beautiful, trendy, and fits every personal style. That is why Nature Wood Floors explains all of the choices of exotic hardwood flooring that we offer, so you understand exactly what they are and how they can benefit your home. 

Many people do not realize that there are differences between domestic and exotic flooring either! Domestic floors come from species of trees only in North America, whereas exotic flooring comes from trees across the globe. Exotic flooring is known for its change in color due to oxidation as it ages and is exposed to light. This color change is nothing drastic, and since it is meant to change slightly over time, many homeowners love the used look it provides. 

In terms of how hard the wood is, this truly depends on what you want in your flooring and what tree species you install. Also, the availability of exotic trees is rather slim because it is harvested sustainably, so many homeowners find themselves waiting for it to arrive, but it is certainly worth it. Homeowners around the US love exotic flooring! 

Different Kinds Of Exotic Hardwood Flooring 

You likely want to understand the details about exotic flooring, and what kinds of materials for flooring are available to homeowners. 

  • A kind of exotic flooring is tigerwood, which consists of large boards that genuinely look like a tiger's stripes. It brings a more dramatic look to a living space. 
  • Kempas is a rich red and pink color. This is an excellent option for homeowners who do not want any crazy colors or patterns on their floor. 
  • Sapele Mahogany gives a more solid finish to a living space. However, it does have small textured prints throughout it, which makes it a little more interesting. 
  • Australian cypress is another type of flooring, which provides a more rustic feel for your living space. It almost gives off the feeling of a log cabin or cottage. 
  • Brazilian walnut is an excellent type of flooring since it is incredibly durable and hard. It is usually installed for decking, but many homeowners like it inside as well.

Key Traits Of Exotic Flooring 

We do not just want you to know about the different flooring types there are and what traits the floorings have. Below are the main qualities that exotic flooring has overall:

  • Beautiful patterns and color contrasts 
  • Vibrant and strong colors 
  • High prices 
  • Some types are hard, and some are soft 

Sustainable Flooring 

Many people worry about how sustainable exotic flooring is since it requires a lot of trees from rainforests. Our team understands that deforestation is a real issue, so we harvest the trees for flooring in the most sustainable way possible. Our team makes sure that we monitor and control the number of trees we take out of the environment. Our trees are under a rigorous certification program, so you can rest assured that we are not contributing to deforestation in any way.

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Nature Wood Floors are experts who want you to know all of the details about exotic hardwood flooring in case you were interested in installing it for your living space. You cannot go wrong with the various patterns and styles that we offer! Make sure you call or visit us if you have questions or for general information about exotic flooring because people across the US love it.