Here at Nature Woods Floors, we offer a large variety of hardwood flooring options at competitive prices. To help set us apart from other companies, is our commitment toward helping customers have a better education and understanding of the products they are buying. Browse through our website to see the different advantages of each item to help you decide which will be the best fit for your home.
European Oaks

This type of flooring is made from antique wood, that adds a modern touch that offers beauty and fashion. European Oak is considered one of the most exquisite wood species on the market due to its wide board design and long length yields. It is easily one of the most popular flooring choices in all of the United States. Since it is very durable and incredibly easy to work with, it’s not hard to see why.   

Unfinished Solids
Experience our selection in traditional woods that are ready for your custom stain and finish. Unfinished solids are raw hardwood. What this means is that they will need to be stained with a protective coat on-site rather than be pre-done. Now while this is more work, the material is cheaper upfront and you’ll have more control of what the final flooring will look like in the end.
Waterproof Flooring
Affordable, DIY, and Worry-free. We offer some of the top brands when it comes to Vinyl flooring including CoreTec Vinyl, FirmFit Vinyl, Happy Feet Vinyl, Nuvelle Vinyl, LW Floor Vinyl and even our own line of Nature Wood Floors Vinyl. On top of its waterproofing, vinyl is also incredibly durable, softer to walk on and helps reduce noise caused by walking or running. That last feature is incredibly useful if you have rowdy children or pets around often.
Exotic Species
Explore the unique beauty our exotic species of wood has to offer. Coming from all over the world, these wood options are sure to stand out and leave a mark on you and any visitors you may have. Exotic wood can be harder to come by and with our large selection, you may be able to find something you otherwise could have only dreamed of having, or worse would have had to pay an arm and a leg for from anywhere else.
Custom Stair Parts
On top of our regular flooring options, we also supply custom material for stair treads, risers, and nosings. This way you can keep your flooring consistent throughout your whole home. Below are the parts of stairs we provide and the purpose of each. Tread - A tread is part of the stair that you step or “tread” on. It is important for your tread to be properly sized. A thread that is too short will not allow people to put their whole foot on it which can cause people to lose their balance and fall. On the other hand, if the tread is too wide, it will take people much more time than necessary to climb your steps. Riser - The riser is the piece of wood vertical in between the threads. Every step has a rise, but not every step has a riser. For example, for steps leading up to a porch, there may not be anything in between the thread. This can be dangerous though as your foot is more likely to catch, especially in the case of small children. Nosing - A stair nosing is an incredibly important safety feature of any step. The nosing is the part of the tread that sticks out a little and protrudes past where the tread meets with the riser. This is usually the part of the step where non-slip attachments are added. Nosings increase the visibility of steps, provide those walking up or down them with more room for their feet and also protect the edges of steps from damage.
Reactive Stained Wood
Discover the new staining technique that creates a beautiful organic blend of colors. Reactive stained wood is a type of water-based wood stain that works to make wood look more aged and natural. The color of the wood will often look brighter and fuller. Reactive staining, much like the name implies, chemically reacts with the wood to naturally age and change the look of the wood.