Top Notch Floor Installation in Tampa by the Pros at Nature Wood Floors

If you are looking for the best floor installer in Tampa, Nature Wood Floors is your best choice. We provide the people of Florida with high-quality installation services. Your home flooring is a tenable part of the structure. When used correctly, it enhances the interior design and brings all aspects of the room to life.

The floor is the first thing guests see when entering your home. Hence, the need to pay attention to its installation. If you need floor installation in Sarasota or anywhere else in Florida, you should work with Nature Wood Floors. We have a team of experts skilled in installing, refinishing, and maintaining hardwood flooring.

Our 4-step Installation Process

Are you considering the purchase of hardwood floors for your home, or are you considering the replacement of existing hardwood floors? At Nature Wood Floors, we share all of our hardwood flooring options with you so that you can figure out which is the best fit for you. Here is our 4-step installation process.

Choose Your Material

To keep your costs low, we allow you to select flooring. By reducing overhead costs, we can pass on the savings directly to our customers, who benefit from lower prices for materials, inventory, and showrooms. You also benefit from more freedom in material choice. So, decide which flooring material you prefer!

Get Your Free Estimate

There is no charge for our estimates, regardless of whether you meet us in person or virtually. First, our professionals will conduct an assessment of the floor, and further details about the project will be discussed. Afterward, we will estimate and give you the final price for flooring installation.

Purchase Material

Order flooring materials as soon as you are satisfied with our estimate! You can buy your materials from us, as we have a variety of floor designs.


The team at Nature Wood Floors will handle the entire project, from prep to clean-up. Our flooring installers are eager to make your flooring dreams a reality. In addition, they will explain any essential precautions and instructions for care and cleaning. We promise 100% satisfaction, as reviews from our customers speak volumes about our services.

Our Flooring Installation Services in Tampa

Nature Wood Floors is located in the Tampa, FL, area and offers installation services to anyone within our range. This can also include Sarasota, Orlando, and other areas of the state, depending on the project. Here are some of our installation services:

Our Flooring Installation Services in Tampa

Hardwood Installation

Floors made of hardwood are timeless and aesthetically pleasing. The durability and long-term strength of hardwood flooring make it an excellent choice for long-term maintenance as well as for full restoration in the future if necessary. At Nature Wood Floors, we install and restore hardwood floors.

Laminate Installation

Laminate flooring is an excellent option if you are looking for hardwood flooring but are on a budget. Our Tampa laminate flooring installation team is happy to assist you in selecting laminate flooring pre-purchased by you. In addition, you can buy laminate directly from us, and we will supply you.

Lvp / Vinyl Installation

Luxury vinyl flooring is an excellent option for those who wish to create a lasting impression with their floors without having to pay the high cost of hardwood or stone. The stunning look and appealing price tag of luxury vinyl have made it the go-to flooring option.

Custom Flooring

unique sizes and species. We place a premium on customer satisfaction to make our services as distinctive and exclusive as possible. So you can relax while we install your desired floor.

Floor Maintenance

We understand that flooring requires a lot of maintenance, so we offer follow-up services to ensure that your floor remains in the best possible condition.

Ready to Install?

If you are located in the Tampa area and its environs, contact us for additional details and to schedule a free home measurement. A formal estimate will then be generated and provided to show a complete breakdown of all material and labor costs so you know exactly what you are looking at.

If you fall outside the area of our installation services, we can still help you find a qualified team you can rely on. Go to the National Wood Flooring Association's (NWFA) website and click on their certified Professional Search to view a list of qualified installers complete with their contact information.