Australian Cypress Stair Tread

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Treads are designed for the part of your stairway where your foot steps down on. These pieces are made of solid strips of the wood species you choose and come in multiple sizes and designs. Standard dimensions are 1" thick, 11 1/2" depth, and lengths ranging from 36" - 96". If your length falls in between the sizes given, you must order the next size up and then cut the tread to fit. Custom sizes are available by request.
Selecting the correct edge profile for your tread is very important. A standard tread comes with a rounded front edge, while the back & side edges are left squared for where the tread meets the wall. If you have a step that has an exposed side, then you will need to choose a Return for the appropriate side to give the same rounded style as the front edge. This is decided by staring at the stairway while at the bottom of the steps, and then seeing which side has the exposed edge. If both sides require a rounded edge, this is called a Double Return. These typically require an exact length because they cannot be cut once made. So be sure to contact us for custom sizes if you do not see the length you need.
Choose our unfinished option if you are looking to apply your own stain, paint, and/or finish. For those that are looking for a natural look of the species with a clear coat already applied, choose our prefinished option to make installation quicker and simpler. Call for questions about custom stains.

  • Species: Australian Cypress
  • Depth: 11 1/2"
  • Thickness: 1"
  • Edge Profile: Rounded Front Edge